Websites I Like

Affable-Lurking – My friend Dave, is to smart and to awesome for his own good. I rarely understand what he’s talking about ( 😛 ) but the pictures he takes are always fantastic.


Allotment #65 – It’s easy to tell where Ian’s passion is, and because of that I really enjoy reading what he’s written about his allotment, chickens and all the other projects he has going on.


Feeling Listless – Stuart always has interesting things to say about movies and TV shows. I always learn something new when I read his site.


Headlines and Deadlines – Alison is a journalist who writes about how things are changing for journalists in the most interesting ways. She is interested in the way social media and journalism can be linked and I have discovered many interesting things from reading her site.


Love To Dine – Hannah can write about food in the most fantastic way. Should I ever be in her neck of the woods I’ll know exactly where to eat and where to stay away from.


The Doodologist – This is an amazing artist who has taken her ‘doodles’ and turned them into a fantastic business. I have an original piece of art from her and I would say if you want something that’s one of a kind go visit her site.


Wine And Roses From Outer Space – Written by a friend of mine, it’s a peek into her life. She is a media volunteer for Epilepsy Action and is currently writing a book to help educate people about Autism and Epilepsy.


Hares Rock Lots – Ross has been a friend for I don’t know how many years now. He is an amazing writer and I have been very lucky to get sneaks peeks off and on of projects he’s been working on. His website is a treasure trove of interesting books,  interesting beers and other things that are also interesting. He is the author of the amazing book Chick Bassist which you all need to go buy right now.


Espresso Coco – Dave (no not that one) is a blogger, photographer, writer and so many other things sometimes it makes me tired just reading what he’s been up to.

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