Ode to a Grasshopper

When I was in my early twenties I had a bit of obsession with The Doors and Jim Morrison. At the same time I was still going to the used record shops which had been part of my life from about the age of 12.

About the same time I was thinking what I was going to do with my life, where was it going to go. I knew that I should have a plan of some kind but I just didn’t know what I wanted. All my ideas were pie in the sky ones. I’d go travel, get jobs here and there and just bum around the states, I’d write and become a best selling author. There were so many ideas.

One has stuck with me even now. I’d own a funky little store. It’d be full of old records and restored or retro furniture and stuff from the 50’s and 60’s. I can still see how the shop would look now. I sometimes think about it while I’m trying to get to sleep. It’s another pie in the sky pipe dream and to be honest I wouldn’t actually go through with the idea anymore.

So there I was 20 something and I may have had one toe slightly on the ground, but it was obvious that I didn’t have both feet planted firmly on the ground. But I had an idea about a store, surrounded with the two things I loved the most, music and funky furniture. But I didn’t have a name for the place. I don’t think I even worried about it at first, I knew even then that it would never happen.

One day while sitting on the couch watching Jim Morrison dancing around on stage he noticed something on stage and bent down to see what it was. He launched into a little monologue or something about what he saw.

“Ode to a grasshopper…
I think I’ll open a little shop,
A little place where they sell things
And I think I’ll call it “Grasshopper”….

I sat up at that point. I had the name for my mythical shop. It would be called Grasshopper. I knew what the logo would look like, I knew what the sign out front would look like as well.

Jim them looked at the ‘grasshopper’ that was hanging around on stage with him. While still bent over looking at the grasshopper he realized he’d made a mistake

“(Oh, I blew it, it’s a moth)
That’s alright, he ain’t got long to go, so we’ll forgive him”

I had more for the sign now, there would be a grasshopper sitting on the G and there would be a moth flying through the P’s. Not only did my mythical shop have a name, it also had a quirky sign to go along with it.

I think I still only have one toe slightly on the ground twenty years later. My misspent youth, no job, no direction but a head full of ideas. These days you’ll find me pretending to be an adult. And when I’m not playing pretend I’ll be looking out the window day dreaming about some other pie in the sky pipe dream.

The shop may have been nothing more than a dream, the name lives on though. Not only in my imagination, but coupled with my love for the color purple it has become a reality with the blog. I may still make it as that best selling author yet!

For my 40th birthday one of my wonderful friends searched high and low and found me a Purple Grasshopper. It is now one of my most prize possessions.

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